Be Informed. Your Sexual Health Depends On It.

Whether you’re looking for the basics about STDs, answers to your most common questions, the differences in testing types, and more, STD Test Compare has you covered.


STD Testing Awareness

Discover the STD facts and figures, common myths and misconceptions, the importance of testing, and more to become more informed about sexual health and wellness.

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STD Testing Basics

There’s a lot that goes into ensuring STD testing returns an accurate result. Get the basic information surrounding STD tests, who benefits from them, and more.

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STD Testing FAQs

There are a lot of questions surrounding STDs and testing. Find the answers you’re looking for in our list of FAQs.

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STD Testing Types

Every STD is different which can mean specific testing is needed in order to get an accurate result. Learn more about different infections, how they’re diagnosed, and what treatments are available.

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