What Makes Everlywell STD Tests so Accurate?

First and foremost, Everlywell utilizes CLIA-certified labs, meaning each lab must meet or exceed federal precision, accuracy, and validity standards. They are state-licensed and subjected to regular inspections and independent third-party performance verifications.

Everlywell’s best-in-class science is overseen by physicians, and collection methods and services are rigorously validated. Being clinically validated means these tests have been put up against traditional testing methods, ensuring they meet the standards of test accuracy and reliability. Their independent network of board-certified physicians will also review each lab requisition (a requirement for testing) and review the final results. Results are shared in an easy-to-understand way, and a “doctor-friendly” copy is also offered should you wish to take your results to your healthcare provider.


Everlywell’s Partnership with CLIA-Certified Laboratories

In the United States, lab testing is regulated under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). The CLIA-mandated regulations are primarily administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in partnership with state health departments, and all of Everlywell’s labs and tests comply with these regulations. In addition to CLIA certification, many of Everlywell’s labs are accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), considered the gold standard in lab testing quality regulation.

When using Everlywell, you can access high-quality Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs), defined by the FDA as tests intended for clinical use and designed, manufactured, and used within a single laboratory. Roughly 11,000 labs offering 100,000 LDTs exist in the U.S., and LDTs are performed by most labs in the U.S.
While many states require lab tests to be requested by a physician, Everlywell solves this problem by working with an independent network of board-certified physicians to provide authorization, review, and consultation services. All requests are sent through a HIPAA-secure Application Programming Interface (API).


Clinically Validated At Home Testing

Clinically validated means it has been proven to be as effective as traditional testing. Everlywell has partnered with nationwide labs to validate the accuracy of self-collected results compared with clinically collected samples. The data is reviewed and approved by the certified Laboratory Director at each partner lab, Everlywell’s Clinical Team, and the partner physician network’s medical team.

Many of the tests offered through Everlywell are the same as those ordered in a physician’s office. The most significant difference is those that utilize a dried blood sample (DBS) rather than a venous blood draw. While the samples are different, DBS has been shown to be an adequate sample for accurate testing. All instruments used by the partner labs are comparable to those used by labs at doctor’s offices.


Everlywell Works With Real, Board-Certified Physicians

Everlywell works closely with an independent network of board-certified physicians available to support your entire testing experience. One physician will review your lab requisition and final test results and provide consultation and prescription when necessary.

Their clinical leadership team comprises medical experts, so you can rest assured that all aspects of the testing process are taken seriously and treated professionally.