What are the Free STD Testing Options in St. Charles, MO?

STD testing is essential for everyone, but access can be difficult if private labs or at-home tests are outside of your budget. Unfortunately, the St. Louis area has some of the highest rates of chlamydia and gonorrhea infections in the nation, and these STDs are also very prevalent in St. Charles County.

The St. Charles County Department of Public Health offers low-cost STD testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis C, herpes, HIV, and syphilis, as well as offers the Hepatitis B vaccine. Herpes testing is available for those with symptoms, and hepatitis C testing is offered on a limited basis, so if you require either of these tests, contact the office at 636.949.7400 for information.

If the cost has been holding you back from taking control of your sexual health, visit one of the free or low-cost STD testing options in St. Charles, MO. Be sure to determine if the location you visit has a physician available to discuss any questions you may have, or help you determine next steps if you require treatment.

Find a Free STD Testing Location

Along with the Health Department, there are several other public health clinics that offer free or low-cost STD testing. View the list and map below to find an affordable STD testing location near you.