What is Priority STD Testing?

Priority STD Testing is a lab-based provider of STD testing services instead of a kit-based provider. Priority STD Testing offers the quickest STD testing service since you can immediately go to a lab after ordering online instead of waiting for a kit to arrive at your home. With their quick and convenient three-step process, there are no appointments needed, and you can walk right in after ordering online from their website. They offer over 4000 neighborhood locations, which means more convenience than ever when it comes time to get tested for STDs.

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What Tests Are Offered Through Priority STD Testing?

Priority STD Testing offers an array of lab-based STD testing options, ranging from standard STD tests to STD testing panels to early detection testing.

  • Priority STD Twin STD Panel | Tests for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea
  • Priority STD 10-Panel STD Test | Tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Herpes 1, Herpes 2, HIV 1 Ab, HIV 1 Ag, and HIV 2 Ab
  • Priority STD Chlamydia Test
  • Priority STD Gonorrhea Test
  • Priority STD Hepatitis B Test
  • Priority STD Hepatitis C Test
  • Priority STD Herpes I/II Test
  • Priority STD HIV RNA Early Detection Test
  • Priority STD HIV Test
  • Priority STD Mycoplasma Genitalium Test
  • Priority STD Syphilis Test
  • Priority STD Trichomoniasis Test

Priority STD Test FAQs

Priority STD Testing offers a clear three-step process for all their std testing services.

  • Order Your Test: Ordering your STD testing is simple, quick, and secure with Priority STD Testing. You can order online on their secure website or over the phone with their care counselors, who are available to answer any questions about STD testing options that meet both your health and budget requirements!
  • Visit A Lab: Get tested the same day at any of Priority STD Testing’s 4,000 locations. They don’t require an appointment, insurance, or a doctor’s note.
  • Results Online: Your test results are typically processed 24-72 hours after collection, and you can view them online using their secure patient login. Care counselors are also available by phone to answer questions or provide an optional physician consultation and pharmaceutical script if necessary.

Priority STD Testing, a division of Stress Free Health Testing, is one of the most reputable, fast, and accurate STD testing services for STDs. You can get same-day testing with private online ordering options to guarantee privacy. All the lab facilities they use are CLIA-certified, and they have a very supportive and experienced clinical support team to help you at any point should the need arise.

  • Priority STD Testing’s STD tests are priced lower than even Quest, which charges an additional $6.00 physician service fee on top of the testing price they offer.
  • Their most popular test is the 10 Panel STD Test which they offer for $198.
  • The Twin Panel STD Test is offered for $119.

Priority STD Testing does not accept insurance to help cover the costs of their STD testing however, like most other services, you can pay for the test by credit card, PayPal, or with your insurance FSA or HSA account.

The results of your online order are available to you through a secure login. They’ll be updated 24 hours per day, seven days a week, and typically will take only 24-72 hours for processing.

Appointments are not required.

Confidentiality and privacy are two things you can enjoy when ordering Priority STD testing. Whether online or over the phone, your identity will remain confidential throughout getting tested for STDs with their counselors by protecting both informational assets like social security numbers and personal details.

What People Are Saying About Priority STD

“If you need to be tested and want to fast reliable and confidential service, this is the right place. I’ve been using this testing center for the last couple years, with an exception of a counselor that I spoke with about a month and a half ago everything else have been great. The doctors are also very knowledgeable and helpful.” – Priority STD Customer

“The Priority STD Testing Team was awesome to work with! Their team is professional, empathetic, and compassionate. They really went out of their way to listen, find answers, and took the time to explain the results in a way that’s clear and easy to understand. I hope I never have to go through being tested again, but if I did, there is no better company to use than Priority STD Testing!” – Priority STD Customer

“When you need to know important things fast, this company is here for you. Sometimes you can’t wait for a regular doctor’s appointment if you are anxious or meet someone special – the price is more than reasonable and definitely worth it for the certainty and peace of mind that it brings.” – Priority STD Customer

“Priority STD is one of the most reputable STD testing services. Most reviews say the tests are fast, private, and accurate. You can get same-day testing, same-day medications, and results in 24 to 72 hours.” – Healthline.com

“It’s so easy to get an appointment with Priority STD Testing, that you don’t even have to make an appointment! Same day walk-ins are accepted, so you can get the answers you need within three days.” – STDWatch.com

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For a fast, confidential, and reliable STD testing service, choose Priority STD. Get tested in a professional collection facility and receive your results sooner than with at-home test providers.

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What More STD Test Provider Options?

A Priority STD Test is a great option for infection screening, but there are other options to consider that may work better for your needs.