What is MyLAB Box STD Testing?

MyLAB box is another stellar service offering a wide range of at home options for STD testing and treatment.

MyLAB Box offers a comprehensive list of testing options for STDs, ranging from single infection tests to panels for multiple common infections. Their largest package is the Total Box, which tests for 14 infections, one of the most comprehensive offerings of all the services we’ve reviewed. MyLAB Box also offers special packages for certain customers, including the Boomer Box, specifically designed for the needs of older patients. They also offer a Love Box, a couple’s kit that contains two 8-panel test boxes for you and a partner.

In addition to testing for a wide range of STDs and STIs, MyLAB Box offers additional screenings and preventative services for other sexual health issues. They offer tests for UTIs and bacterial vaginosis, cervical cancer screenings, and PrEP treatment plans.

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Like any other at home STD testing provider, to get a MyLAB Box STD test kit, you must visit their website or purchase one of their testing kits from Amazon or Walmart. Simply select the test(s) you need and have them sent to you. Once your STD test arrives, you’re ready to collect your samples.

The main testing methods utilized by the MyLAB Box STD tests are urine samples, blood samples, and vaginal swabs. Don’t be afraid of the blood samples, either: Instead of visiting a doctor’s office, clinic, or lab and having several vials of blood drawn, the at home STD tests provided by MyLAB Box only require a relatively painless few drops of blood.

The tests complete everything you need to collect your sample effectively and send it back to the MyLAB Box lab. Typically, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to collect a sample and prepare your kit for return. Customers typically report that completing a test kit from MyLAB Box is a fast, easy and painless experience.

When you’ve collected your sample(s), return them in the pre-addressed envelope or package that came with your test. You can return it at any USPS dropoff or mailbox.

Once your package is received at MyLAB Box, your test(s) will be processed, and you should have your results in a matter of days. After you receive your results, trained counselors are available to explain your results, answer any questions you might have, and schedule a phone consultation with one of their network physicians should you need it.

STD testing options at MyLAB Box range from $59 for single infections to $399 for their total box, which tests for 14 infections.

Like many at home STD tests, or lab-based STD services offered online, the cost of tests offered by MyLAB Box can be cheaper than the costs associated with other healthcare providers. MyLAB Box also accepts FSA and HSA cards to help cover the costs of getting testing using one of their kits.

MyLAB Box is a legitimate, trustworthy testing provider. They use certified labs for their testing and offer consultations with real physicians. Their test kits are also trusted by their retail partners Amazon and Walmart, and they’ve been featured in Forbes Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Men’s Health Magazine, Vice Magazine, and more.

You can rest easy knowing that the box your test arrives in is discreet, and anyone who sees it won’t know what’s inside. Similarly, the return package included for you to send back your samples is also discreet, so you won’t have to worry about anyone seeing either package.

You should receive your MyLAB Box kit 1-3 business days after ordering, making MyLAB Box’s shipping very fast.

After MyLAB Box receives your test kit and samples, results are typically available within a few days and accessible on their secure site through a portal that only you can access.

MyLAB Box results are as accurate as any at home testing provider. MyLAB Box works with the same CLIA and CAP-certified laboratories that other at home services, as well as doctors’ offices and clinics, ensure you’ll get the same level of quality assessment of your results that you’d get if you got tested elsewhere.

MyLAB Box works with a network of nationwide physicians who can give prescriptions if necessary. If you test positive for an infection that is treatable or curable, you can set up a phone consultation with a physician who can prescribe treatment for you, often the same day you speak or receive your results, ensuring you can begin treatment as soon as possible.

Depending on your results and the necessary treatment, you may be referred to see a physician in person.

MyLAB Box is located in the United States, with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

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