MyLAB Box HIV Test Details

The MyLAB Box HIV Test makes it simple for anyone to test from the comfort of home with a simple finger prick. If you have been exposed to HIV or participate in certain activities that put you at higher risk, it’s important to get tested to protect yourself and any current or potential sexual partners.

Human immunodeficiency virus is spread through exposure to bodily fluids, whether through sexual intercourse or blood, and it attacks and impairs the body’s immune cells, progressively weakening the immune system. If left unmanaged, HIV can progress to AIDS, which essentially means the immune system is so severely damaged, it is unable to fight off infections, leading to life-threatening illnesses, cancers, and death.

The MyLAB Box HIV test is designed to detect the presence of antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2 with over 99.9% accuracy when used as directed. Shipping is pre-paid both ways and the test is delivered in discreet packaging, and results are sent online within 2-5 days.

The HIV test is a simple blood test using samples collected with a finger prick for a virtually pain-free experience. Through MyLAB Box, you have access to professional counselors to provide assistance and answer any questions you may have about the test.

Your results are posted to your unique HIPAA secure online account within 2-5 days of mailing back your sample. These results can be downloaded should you choose to print and take them with you to a physician appointment.

MyLab Box uses CLIA-certified labs, and all tests are fully validated according to state and federal guidelines, including College of American Pathologists standards. They use the most current methods of clinical diagnostic testing to ensure the highest level of accuracy. The MyLAB Box HIV test is examined by experienced technicians using the same test that is ordered by doctors’ offices and hospitals.


What the MyLAB Box HIV Test Screens For and How it Works

The myLab Box HIV test detects human immunodeficiency virus using a combo antigen/antibody ELISA for the qualitative detection of HIV p24 antigen and antibodies to HIV type 1 (HIV-1 groups M and O) and HIV type 2 (HIV-2) within the blood. This method is over 99.9% accurate when used as instructed, and is just as reliable as a test you’d receive from a doctor or hospital.

All you need to do is order your test online and MyLAB Box will have your order processed and shipped within 24 hours. Once you receive your test, simply collect a blood spot sample, being careful to follow instructions, then repackage and ship the sample back to the lab for processing. Within 2-5 days from the time your sample is received by the lab, your results will be available on your online account. If at any time you have questions during the testing process, call their provided toll-free number and a counselor will assist you.

When used correctly, the MyLAB Box HIV test is over 99.9% accurate. A positive result will need to be confirmed by a healthcare provider via additional testing prior to beginning a treatment plan.


Why Choose a MyLAB Box HIV Test?

  • The MyLAB Box HIV test is highly accurate at over 99.9% when used as instructed
  • All labs are CAP and CLIA-certified, ensuring test results meet nationwide standards
  • MyLAB Box and partnering labs utilize HIPAA web security protocols to protect your private data
  • Results are received quickly via private online account and are easy to understand
  • Counselors and physicians from your state are available for telemedicine visits should results come back positive
  • Shipping is free
  • The MyLAB Box HIV is available as a one-time purchase or via discounted subscription shipped every 3 or 6 months
  • MyLAB Box accepts payments using FSA and HSA cards