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The world of STD testing is vast and scary if you’re not familiar with it. Does STD testing hurt? How do I know when to get an STD test? Where should I go for an STD test? Are STD tests confidential? These questions are common but are often barriers to actually getting the information you’re searching for and ultimately the test you need.

At STD Test Compare, our goal is to be your go-to resource when you know you need an STD test, but aren’t quite sure what the next step is.

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Yes, STD Testing is Important

There are a variety of reasons why STD testing is important, but knowing the current status of your sexual health will ensure that both you and your partner are safe.

  • Prevents the spread of STDs to others
  • Early diagnosis ensures more effective treatment
  • Some STDs can result in serious, life-altering complications if left untreated
  • Many STDs present no symptoms, sometimes for years, making it easy to go unnoticed until complications arise
  • Untreated STDs may result in infertility, pregnancy complications, or issues with pelvic pain

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Frequently Asked Questions

On our site, we’ve made efforts to evaluate a number of popular STD testing service providers in order to provide readers with the information they need to select the best service for them. Our recommendation is that you assess our reviews for any providers you might already be considering, especially our main page devoted to helping you compare STD tests and any individual side-by-side reviews. These will hopefully help you determine what you’re looking for and which provider is the right choice for you.

The kind of testing you need and which test(s) you should order depends on your situation and partner status. If you believe you might have been exposed to a specific STD, with many of the providers evaluated on this site, you should be able to order a smaller or individual test that will look just for that specific infection and possibly one or two others. If you are getting tested because you’ve never gotten tested before, or it’s been a while, you’ve been with more than one partner since your last test, or if you don’t know what you might have been exposed to, we recommend ordering a comprehensive test that will screen for a broader range of the most common infections.