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LetsGetChecked is a popular, frequently used, and highly regarded self-testing service for users 18 and older.

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LetsGetChecked STD Test FAQs

To get started with LetsGetChecked STD Testing, you’ll first sign up for a free account and provide some personal information and your general health history and information. This information helps the medical team at LetsGetChecked make sure you’re getting the right tests and that your results are interpreted correctly.

Once you have an account, you can order whichever test(s) you’d like and have them sent right to your door in a few days. You can also track your package online if you’d like a more precise estimate of when it might arrive.

When your test arrives, it will include everything you need to collect your sample, whether that’s a urine sample, a finger prick, or a swab.

After collection, your test will show you how to package and label your samples and mail them back to the lab with the included prepaid shipping label. It’s important to complete this process as quickly as possible, all on the same day. Your samples are time sensitive, so you want to ensure they get to the lab as quickly as possible.

After your sample is received, you’ll be notified, and your results should be available in 2 to 5 days. To review your results, return to the LetsGetChecked website to log in to the account you used to purchase the test. If you test positive for an infection that requires treatment, LetsGetChecked’s medical team will be available to send you a prescription at no extra cost. Regardless of your results, their team is available 24/7 to explain the results to you and talk through any questions or concerns you might have.

LetsGetChecked’s STD Test service is very discreet. The tests are sent to you in plain packaging, and the sender address is not listed as LetsGetChecked. Someone seeing or interacting with the box would be hard-pressed to figure out where it came from or what it was. If you’re still concerned about the packaging or who might intercept the package on its way, you can always purchase the tests inside a CVS or Walmart and not have to worry about it coming to you in the mail.

LetsGetChecked is very confidential and protective of your privacy and information. The results of your LetsGetChecked test won’t be available to anyone other than you and the LetsGetChecked medical staff that counsels you or prescribes treatment. If you’d like to share your results with another healthcare provider, such as your primary care physician, you can access them at any time in your LetsGetChecked account and even print them out, if necessary.

Regarding discretion and privacy regarding your data and results, LetsGetChecked complies with all of the applicable security and privacy laws, including HIPAA, GDPR, and state regulations. Your results are confidential and only available to you and any medical support staff you might communicate with through LetsGetChecked.

LetsGetChecked is a fully certified medical testing company. LetsGetChecked frequently partners with industry staples, including CVS and Walmart pharmacies, UnitedHealthcare and Optum.

Technicians review your samples at labs within the LetsGetChecked network. These same labs and technicians are responsible for executing many tests from different providers, including doctors, hospitals, and clinics. These labs have attained the highest levels of CLIA approval and CAP accreditation, so you can be sure your test is getting the same trusted service that other medical facilities rely on for accurate results.

LetsGetChecked’s STD tests are not covered by insurance the way a visit to a doctor’s office might be, but you can pay for the tests using your insurance’s HSA or FSA spending accounts or cards like you would with another health-related spending outside of a doctor’s office.

If you don’t have an HSA or FSA card, LetsGetChecked also accepts payments through any of the four major credit card companies (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), including pre-paid cards or gift cards issued by those companies. They also accept PayPal and Apple Pay.

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